Dukla is a town where Jews for years constituted a considerable majority of citizens. Due to a registration dated 1881, 2.553 Jewish people lived here, which made 84.2% of the whole population. From Dukla came, among others, Naftali and Gitel Rubinstein, Helena Rubinstein`s parents who was a world-famous cosmetic business tycoon.

Some traces of the Jewish society can still be found in Dukla nowadays. On Cegrowska street one can see the ruins of a synagogue, built in 1758 and destroyed by the Nazis during the war. Near, there is also a building of an old Jewish school.
The Jewish cemetery in Dukla is situated on the southern end of the city, on the right site of the road towards Barwinek. The necropolis consists of two parts - the so called old cemetery, established at the beginning of the XVIII century, and the new cemetery, which, adjacent to the old one, functions since about 1870. The old cemetery some of matzevot retained, lots of which are broken and mossy. The new cemetery, where one can find about 200 well-preserved gravestones, is walled. Unfortunately, many of matzevot were used by Germans for the regulation of the Smereczna stream or for building works. The Jewish cemetery in Dukla has a landmark status. In 2005 the necropolis was tidied up by the members of the Polish Jewish Students` Union, which, in cooperation with the Association for the Development of Dukla Region , aims to gain some funds for the workmanship of the synagogue`s roof and its fence.


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